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Neveye - Hogwarts Resident Smithy

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drawn by Stephanie Chateau (miss Celeste) who is great and magnificent and peachy keen.

Neveye is Hogwarts Resident smithy or if you prefer blacksmith.
A dwarf maiden she stands at the impressive hieght as of that, that would make a parsnip a humourous vegetable.
Neveye was brought on by Dumbledore to repair the castle and make a few minor adjustmends. After all He reasoned sometimes magic needs a hand. unfortunatly the multi-talented caretaker Mr Filch, who takes pride in his work was not skilled enough to do the work being incompitent at the necessary skills and  overly involved in a vandeta against students.
Neveye can usually be found in the professors lounge. If not, the forges are a reasonable place to look. ( past the dungeons, take a left at the sestatue of the great goat and it is your second torch bracket to the right)  OR WWW.HARRYPOTTER.CO.UK
A snippet of information regarding the dwarfmaidens appearance:
A Fairly conventional dwarf maiden in both appearance and smithing technique. She primarily works with steel , though sometimes turns towards the softer metals for a price.
  • green eyes
  • auburn hair and beard
  • powder blue jerkin
  • brown leather trousers
  • winged helmet
  • chain mail
  • battle axe with purple sequined strap
  • pink hairy boots
  • gucci handbag - for carrying tools such as a blowtorch




Neveye Has worked for Gringotts. Where she has designed and constructed some of the more intricate, devilish vault doors.
Neveye although not a religous dwarf does believe that when all good dwarves die they will go to the great mine in the sky ... as do all the bad dwarves but presumably to a different shaft.


  •    Rat on a stick
  •    Cat on a spit
  •    Gold
  •    Profesors of Hogwarts
  •    Dwarven ale ~ it will put hairs on your chin
  •    Gems
(not necesarily in that order)