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Harry Potter Articles


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Articles from Newspapers and Magazines 

Yodelli muggles, witches wizards and the such like.
After being criticised that this site was just a foolish fan site i felt i had to shame facedly agree and do something about it. So i thought i'd put on this site article/ reviews/ interviews related to Harry Potter that i have collected. I shall try to write the date and source of where i got each from. Almost to the point of stalker-esque is my obsession and i'm sure you will be interested in different publications writings on my favourite books. 
NB. It will take a while to get them all on
((disclaimer: i dont own any right to any of these sources or articles or the such like))

OK change of plan.
due to limited space i have moved all articles into the forge's vault.
go on turn about and go there by clicking below:

Neveye's forges vault