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Neveye - Hogwarts Resident Smithy
Mouse and other theme tunes


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Neveye loves Danger mouse!
I mean hurrah!
He's the greatest , he's the ace!
David Jason provided the voice for dangermouse.
The series was made for British television in the 80's.
Dangermouse's sidekick is the ever worried Penfold.
The arch nemesis of this duo ... Baron greenback.
Characters are as listed: Dangermouse, Ernest Penfold, Colonel K, Baron Silas Greenback and Stiletto.
Playing now is the theme tune for Dangermouse. HURRRAH! (hopefully)
Sound files!
The Dangermouse theme music. MP3 89K 22 Seconds
Look out! Its a bomb! MP3 58K 14 Seconds
Colonel K interrupts a good game of snooker. MP3 237K 1 Minute
DM stops and asks for directions. MP3 125K 31 Seconds
Say goodbye Penfold. MP3 35K 8 Seconds
An introduction to an episode. MP3 66K 17 Seconds
DM and Penfold are a little lost. MP3 117K 30 Seconds

Baron Greenback predicts that world is going to be his.


MP3 35K 8 Seconds    <-- Count duckula!




As Well as Dangermouse , here is a list of  theme tunes from popular kids cartoons of the 80's:


The Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds theme music.

The Inspector Gadget theme music.

The Fraggle Rock theme music.

The Raggy Dolls theme music. MP3 315K 54 Seconds

The Trapdoor theme music

The end theme music

The Bananaman theme music. WAV 589K

27 Seconds

The Count Duckula theme music. WAV 87K 1 Minute, 11 Seconds

The Count Duckula end theme music

The Super Ted theme music

The Super Ted end theme music

The James the Cat theme music. MP3 206K 35 Seconds

The Bertha theme music WAV 733K 1 Minute, 8 Seconds

The Family Ness theme music WAV 726K 46 Seconds

The Family Ness end theme music   <--- Jem theme tune! <-- pink panther! <- Sesame street

















16 Seconds




WAV 1046K

1 Minute, 7 Seconds



Just for good measure Neveye presents classic theme tunes from 80's shows.
Wacaday was hosted by timmy Mallet and had a bird called magic.
The Wacaday theme music.
Also the scary Jim'll fix it show was on. *shudder* but it had great theme music.
The Jim'll Fix It theme music.
Going live! was presented by Philip Schofield and Gorden the gopher on saturday mornings.
The Going Live! theme music.
and last but not least a program i couldn't watch, Basil Brush!
Basil Brush comments about drivers on the M6.