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Map - Courtyard | Ebony Karkaroff | Faculty of 1995 | Map - Interior of castle
Map - Courtyard

This is a map of the courtyard as the title explained... (( rolls eyes!))


The courtyard

The courtyard is the oficial way in to the school.
Like many traditional castles, the entrance has a port cullis     (like a grid that can be raised and dropped)
As well as an inner gate before you arrive in the courtyard.
These are used to barricade and protect the castle.
Also protecting the castle entrance are draggons.
The circle in the middle is a fountain.


The lines with the zig zags inbetween. represents architecture.
The architecture is not just for decoration.
It also provides a roosting place for Gargoyles.
See example below map

Top of Arcitecture plus Gargoyles