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Ebony Karkaroff

Father: I.V. Karkaroff
Mother: Scarlet Melissa Wnekowski
Son: Igor Karkaroff
Daughter: Ebony Karkaroff

Ebony Karkaroff is the sister to Igor Karkarkaroff.
Ebony often administratesd for Igor regarding Durmstrang.
She is an active member of TOADS (Translation Of Ancient Dialects and Symbols) this means going on excursions all over the world finding and or translating scripts. Although she is not as strong as Igor in magical abilities, She gained bunny ears when the two sibblings argued over a biscuit. which have improved her hearing. She holds a criminal record of petti theft and has been banned entirely from tibbet.
Unknown to the world she and her brother also bunked off thier domineering father.  She is sometimes seen around hogwarts, as she is usually bought on as a substitute teacher. At Durmstrang she is often seen on the roof with gargoyles favouring thier company to Igor's dragons.

Information on Shamonology:
( a subject Ebony teaches)
Magical practice began in a world very different from ours. A world where survival relies on the forces of nature.

The earliest forms of magic were ways of trying to control this terrifying world by working with the powers  of nature.


practice had three main elements:


  1. Trance (followed by)
  2. spiritual flight which leads to)
  3. insight

Typically, the shaman would induce a trance state through fasting, chanting, dancing and drumming. In some cases, drugs would also be used. Once an altered state of consciousness had been achieved, the shaman would mentally 'fly' to another level of reality, in which they would be able to communicate with the spirits of the natural world. It was believed that humans and animals were fundamentally alike on the spiritual plane and had once been interchangeable, with humans able to transform themselves into animals and animals into humans. By journeying to the spiritual plane, the shaman was able to restore this lost connection and mediate between animals and humans.


Shamanic magic was particularly important to societies which depended on hunting. The shaman could tell the hunters where their prey was likely to be found, or even make it go to certain places. Shamans were accorded considerable reverence by their communities; they were seen as being in touch with nature, at a time when losing touch with nature could be fatal. The most enduring legacy of the shamans in Europe has been their use of drugs. To avoid a fatal overdose, shamans had to become experts on consciousness-altering substances. Shamans would build up resistance to common poisonous substances, to the point where a drug which would normally be fatal would only induce unconsciousness or hallucinations


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