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Neveye - Hogwarts Resident Smithy


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Grusha's owlery

To see the birds owned by the role players of slytherin click on the link above.
And now for my attempt at birds.
starting with an owl.
which i am more than happy with!

celeste's messanger owl

I is for
Isalympe     (is -a -leam-p)               mom classification: x
This is a sub species of the african Fwooper.
It is also known as the masked bird as the markings round it's eyes look like a mask.
The males tend to be bright colours With a contrasting, vivid crest and tales.
The Females are more plain than there male counterparts but they are the one's which have inherrited the fwooper's song causing the listner not to go insane as the fwoopers song does but melows the listner out into an almost paralytic state. Isalympe are sold with the silencing charm.

male Isalympe

female Isalympe

Neveye owns a pair of these birds.
The pink male is called Scuttle-bee
and the brown female is called: Flying- rodent - who - battles - with - honour.
Neveye uses them to deliver her mail.